Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brazilian Restaurants in Scranton? There's at least one...

Brazilian restaurants
If you search Yahoo! local for Brazilian restaurants in Scranton, here's what you get: Sorry, no Brazilian Restaurants found in or nearby Scranton, PA. Funny, there's one about half a block from me here in North Scranton. Ipanema Grille is most definitely Brasilian in tone, flavor, presentation and the food on the menu!

Of course, given that local listings from a huge, impersonal search engine can be mistaken, I feel it's my duty to set the record straight. This is an authentic Churrascaria with a special flair.They describe it this way: “Churrascaria is a traditional Brazilian Steak House that distinguishes itself from others with its specialty, Rodizio...”

Their rodizio has to be seen to be believed! Oven roasted meats (more than a dozen varieties, with grilled pineapple as a delightful “foil” to those flavors) are presented on skewers at your table and hand carved directly onto your plate. There's a method to this madness, too. You get a “flipper”, which is red and green:

Green means "Bring it on"

Red means "Stop for now"

1st Stage- Keep the flipper Green side up, the carvers will keep on visiting the table.

2nd Stage- You always can slow it down or take a break by turning the flipper to Red.

3rd Stage- When you are ready to indulge again, turn the flipper to Green and keep on enjoying.

4th and Last Stage- Remember you are in control of how much your stomach desires. Your Rodizio meal is only over when you ask your waiter to remove your plate.
There's a sumptuous salad bar, a varied menu that includes American and even Italian cuisine and incredible desserts. They have a fully-stocked bar that offers all your favorite cocktails, Sangria and Brazilian caipirinha.

They're open for lunch and dinner:
Tuesday to Friday -- Lunch : 11:00 am/3:00pm. Dinner: 5:00pm/10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday -- Lunch: 12:00pm/3:00pm. Dinner: 5:00pm/10:00pm
Call for reservations! You may walk in on a night when they're packed and have to wait, stomach growling, as some table turns their flipper to green. The number in Scranton is 570-558-0742.

Ipanema Grille: the answer to the question, “Are there any Brazilian restaurants in Scranton?”