Sunday, July 6, 2008

Scranton Attractions: The Zoo at Nay Aug Park and The Houdini Museum

Last year, an old friend (okay, we're both old) came to visit me here in NEPA. For a few days, we did all the touristy things you should do if you're visiting from out of town. Two of the local Scranton attractions we "did" were the Zoo at Nay Aug Park and the Houdini Museum.

For a couple of old fogies, the Houdini Museum was a hoot! With all the wide-eyed kids gawping at the illusions and the tour of the Houdini memorabilia, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Dorothy Deitrich and Dick Brooks have devoted their lives to this museum, and their dedication shows!

Our trip to Nay Aug Park was unfortunately cut short because of a scheduling conflict. We did get a quick look at the Scranton Zoo there. While it ain't the Bronx Zoo by any means, it does itself proud as a genuine Scranton Attraction.

You can find out more about both at the Scranton Portal