Monday, September 15, 2008

Cosmetic Dentistry in Scranton | Scranton Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Scranton is as advanced as just about anywhere else in the world. While it used to be that you'd have to go to Hollywood or New York City to find a dental “magician” that could give you a movie-star smile, advances in technology and dental education mean that you won't have to travel far to get the best results.

Along with the new composite fillings that look and feel like natural tooth enamel, composites can completely remake your smile. Cured outside the mouth, these newer composite veneers can fill gaps, create new crowns and even totally reshape the look and color of natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers have been getting a lot of attention lately. These specially formulated porcelain mixtures are so strong and hard that a very thin veneer can be bonded to your teeth without having to (painfully) grind down the existing tooth material. They are long-lasting, match the appearance of natural teeth and are considered superior to older porcelain crowns.

Replacing lost or damaged teeth can now be done below the gum line. Dental implants that are anchored into the jawbone can be indistinguishable from natural teeth (except when they are X-rayed). While these implants require the patient to commit to careful and continuous oral health maintenance, they can be worth the extra effort for those who wish a better solution than regular dentures.

In-office teeth whitening or bleaching by the dentist outperforms at-home methods of removing stains and discoloration from teeth. The Zoom™ teeth whitening system uses a light activated gel that penetrates the tooth enamel and bleaches away stains better than just about any other method.

The newest method of straightening teeth, called Invisalign™, replaces old metal braces with nearly invisible forms that fit over the teeth. The cost for this particular method is comparable to regular metal braces.

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