Friday, September 12, 2008

Plumbing in Scranton | Scranton Plumbers

Plumbers in Scranton have it easy. Make no mistake; they're hard-working, industrious and know their business. It's easy for them because of the number of older homes in the area.

Plumbing that dates back nearly a century inevitably means leaky pipes. Some of those pipes are actually made of lead, which is toxic to living things who drink water from lead pipes. Repair and replacement of old pipes is just one thriving plumbing application.

Ground water and wet basements means sump pumps -- which need maintenance, repairs and replacements. While the annual rainfall here is less than that of the Pacific North-West (which is classified as a temperate rain forest), there's still plenty of rain and groundwater to get into the foundations of houses.

Hot water heaters have a limited life span. When they go, they need replacement. Local plumbers can upgrade the quality of the replacement to be more energy efficient (including the new solar hot water solution).

Then there are the inevitable clogs, leaky faucets, sewer problems and the like. Bathtubs and sinks eventually wear out and need to be fixed or replaced. All the normal plumbing chores that need attention just add to the ease with which Scranton plumbers get more and more work.

The trick for Scrantonians is to find the right plumber for the particular job that needs doing. A pipe-fitter or steam-fitter is not a plumber. Neither is a “helpful” neighbor with a smattering of plumbing knowledge (who recently screwed up the installation of a float in a toilet). Check out Scranton Plumbers for a reliable, hard-working plumber at