Friday, June 27, 2008

Got Used Guitars, Amps, Drums, PA Equipment? Buy, Sell or Trade Them at Wade's World in Scranton!

Used gear can be a valuable asset if you need cash or are looking to trade up to something special. Musicians know this, even if they're only amateurs. Guitar players, drummers and singers want the best stuff they can get to make their sound just right for them. In some cases, used guitars, amps, drums and PA equipment can be better than new stuff, simply because the brand or model you want has the right sound.

Everybody who does business locally has places that they favor. For my guitar-playing needs, I favor Wade's World in North Scranton. He's got all the usual stuff I either wear out or break (usually strings; picks like the Dunlop Tortex .88 mm's just don't break like the old ones). What I really like are all the axes he's got in stock. At any given time, there are a number of models I'd take home in an instant -- if I had the room!

Wade knows his stuff, too, when it comes to fixing things that break or installing new pickups, bridges, etc. He's not a luthier himself, but he knows one of the best in the area. In fact, simple repairs can often get done overnight. No waiting for your baby while some other guy sends it out for repair because he doesn't know the working end of a Phillips-head screwdriver from a vodka-and-OJ.

Naturally, not every piece of gear that somebody brings into Wade's World is acceptable for sale or trade. I'd never offer him my Les Paul Junior with the fire damage, missing pick guard, no tone or volume controls and crack in the top of the neck! The thing is, he's willing to give you free appraisals and sell your stuff on consignment for you, if you want.

The best part about Wade's World is Wade. If you don't know that already, go to Wade's World Music and find out for yourself. Party on, Garth!