Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scranton Equipment Rental Services -- Your First Shot at Fame!

Search for scranton equipment rental services and all that that search engines will give you is a crowded map of somewhat related businesses (if you count a pizza deliver service as related) and the rest are basically classified ads. Not one local equipment rental service has a website showing up in the results for this listing.

The problem is that these services know their business, but don't know Internet stuff. For example, did you know that the [title] code in a Web page isn't really there for you to put the title of your company first? No. It's an index title holder for robots to read. Therefore, if you put [title] Scranton Equipment Rental Services XYZ Company[/title], you'll be doing the right thing. If, instead, you do what most companies (and website builders who don't know SEO), you'll put [title]XYZ Company: We rent trucks, construction equipment and more![/title]. That kind of pitch is actually better put in your [meta] tag for description, since it will show underneath your title in the search engine results.

If you made a mistake like this, try fixing it soon. The next time the robots come around to peek at your site, they'll like the new title much better for your particular niche and will reward you with a better showing in the search results.